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February 2020


A full service, all-inclusive barbershop committed to providing quality haircuts and styles for men and women of all ages and social class.

7 years and 600 clients.

To say the least, Sasha Chaney is a powerhouse when it comes to building and retaining clientele and growing her barbershop. In her 7 years, she’s become a respected barber in the Fort Wayne area and beyond.

During her career, Sasha realized that the Midwest was lacking in full-service barber shops. She created Legendary Barber Lounge in Fort Wayne to bring full-service, all-inclusive barber services to men and women of all ages and socials classes.

Legendary Barber Lounge offers quality hair cuts and styles, but the services it offers goes beyond that to create customer experiences that keep people coming back to the chair.

Aside from hair care, services include straight razor shaves, hot towel shaves, blackhead removal and steaming facials, ad scalp and shoulder massages.

To round out the experience, Sasha also offers alcoholic beverages to enjoy during their time at Legendary Barber Lounge.

Sasha attributes her success to the innovative experiences she’s implemented at Legendary Barber Lounge. She hopes to help outher barbers grow by sharing her secrets to success.

Eventually, Sasha envisions a Legendary Barber Lounge location in Arizona and is looking to promote barbershop growth on a national level.

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