Sean Barker

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Sean Barker – Summit Cold Brew

Sean and his wife Kristin started Summit Cold Brew, a local cold brew coffee company. They’ve been selling their product at the local farmer’s market and select pop-up shops around Fort Wayne, and they’re looking to expand to a commercial space to continue production. They can use the micro-grant from Fortitude to pay for required permits and subsidize the cost of renting a commercial space.

Grant Giszewski

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Grant Giszewski – Content Creator

As a local creator in Fort Wayne, Grant Giszewski creates video content for businesses meant for use across social media platforms. He specializes in helping businesses grow their business through the unique reach that social media offers. With a grant from Fortitude Fund, Grant can purchase high-quality video equipment to continue producing exceptional content.

Davonta Beckham

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Davonta Beckham – The Art of Beckham

As an artist, illustrator, and creator, Davonta Beckham discovered that by creating visual art that support dreams, happiness, and well-being could leave a lasting impact on the world. Through his venture The Art of Beckham, Davonta hopes to inspire and challenge through art, storytelling, and imagination. A micro-grant can help him complete the formation of an LLC, further his line of products, and begin exploring publication for his first children’s book, If You Know You Could Fly.

Janae Andrews

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Born with naturally curly hair, Janae Andrews was tired of using products that were damaging and excessively harsh on her hair. Not only was she losing the healthy look of her curls, the curl pattern itself was lost because of products that didn’t work and only damaged her hair. Janae created Banah Hair Care, a product line to help rebuild hair texture, reconstruct curl pattern, and restore curls to their glowing, healthy state. With the micro-grant, Janae can begin the process of attaining a provisional patent on her products.

Logan Herald

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Logan Herald, along with two other Indiana Tech alumni, created technology that will, in the event of a fall, help acute care patients receive the help they need faster. Logan recognized that current technology does not help in the aid of patients quick enough, so he and his team created Ratio Medical to solve the problem. The micro-grant from Fortitude will allow Logan to fund a provisional patent for his product.

Whitney Wright

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Whitney Wright just opened Glam Studio after the success of her online store over the past two years. Her store specializes in virgin wigs and hair products specifically for virgin hair, which is unprocessed, non-dyed or permed, all-natural human hair. Using the micro-grant from Fortitude, Whitney will be able to purchase more product and inventory for her storefront and invest in marketing materials.

Melissa Hall

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With 21 years of experience as an interior designer, Melissa Hall knows all about the complex process of procuring large samples from flooring companies to present to her clients. After starting her own design firm over four years ago, she decided she wanted to take the initiative and create a simple, time-saving app for interior designers so they can obtain flooring samples without all the hassle. Using a grant from Fortitude, she will be able to fund trips to Chicago and Georgia where she can pitch her ideas to some of the largest carpeting manufacturers in the world.

Jay Johns

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Since 2015, Jay Johns has been helping people create audiobooks and podcasts. Jay recognized the need for a sound booth designated for these specific audio recordings when he realized the cost and availability of renting one was not viable or cost-effective. When an audiobook is over 10 hours, for example, the cost is well beyond what an indie author could afford. With the grant from Fortitude, Jay will be able to purchase the materials he needs to begin building a sound booth, jumpstarting the eventual goal of multiple sound booths for recording.

Terrence Smith

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During his second year at the FWCS Career Academy, Terrence (18) was inspired to create his own graphic design business, offering design work including logos, advertisements, and other marketing pieces. His vision is to help other organizations tell their stories with original designs, marketing pieces, and tshirts. With the micro-grant, Terrence can expand his business, invest in equipment, and expand how he offers his services and products.

Sonya Flores

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The Fort 806 podcast is a show created to help listeners rediscover the diverse city of Fort Wayne, highlighting local events and activities around the city. Sonya (33) started the show over a year ago, and hopes the show will help people see their community and their neighbors as beautiful and diverse. With the micro-grant, Sonya can help fund giveaways on her show, which will help fund events and activities within Fort Wayne.