Victor Lopez

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Victor Lopez believes it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from as long as you do the right thing. That’s how he is operating Global Medical Industries, a minority-owned, full- service manufacturer of cost-effective and complex medical, aerospace, automotive and defense industry devices. He is using the Fortitude Fund as a down payment on a vision system.

Ben Fair

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Ben Fair, is into luxury AND people who are hurting. Ben’s company, S.B. Carper, sells all-natural luxury goods and high-end men’s clothing. He gives a portion of all profits to Blue Jacket for the training and job placement of the disadvantaged who want a second chance. Ben is using the Fortitude Fund grant to launch a fragrance line.

Dylan Caldwell

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Dylan Caldwell, through virtual reality, is turning everyday objects into your personal music studio! Percussion Lab has applications from gaming to music therapy. Dylan is using the Fortitude Fund grant to acquire 3D models to implement as Percussion Lab objects. Dylan is eager to tap into the Fortitude Fund community for greater experience.

Ayesha Forte & Cicely Wright

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Ayesha Forte’ and her partner, Cicely Wright, have created Black Seed Vegans, a vegan catering service featuring original recipes. Next on the menu: grab and go vegan meals at local stores, a brick and mortar fitness café, and expansion beyond our region. The Fortitude grant is helping Ayesha and Cicely obtain necessary permitting and access to a commercial kitchen.

Aaron Robles

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Aaron Robles is developing HyperNova, a digital marketing and branding agency, and he IS a bright star in our entrepreneurial community. Aaron is doing what Techstars research identified as foundational to a vibrant entrepreneurial culture: he has formed Future Founders, a meet-up to build a solid community of entrepreneurs. The Fortitude grant helps Aaron find customers for his business, which is a reboot of his first business venture.

Sean Rassavong

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Sean Rassavong joined the Fortitude Fund community while a 17 year old senior at New Tech Academy high school. But, that doesn’t mean he is inexperienced. He has been working in filmmaking and video for seven years!

Sean’s is creating a production company, Vizion, built around a community of young, high school age creatives.  His own vision is to enable those filmmakers, screenwriters, videographers, graphic designers, copywriters, actors, musicians and others to stretch their creative wings and make money with their art.

Check out WPTA Channel 21’s segment about Sean or follow Sean’s YouTube Channel to see more of his work.

Chauntiel Smith

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Chauntiel joins the Fortitude Fund community as a 25 year old graduate of South Side High School and Indiana Tech – and with the vision to be Fort Wayne’s “next Eugene Parker”. Her business, Capture Sports Agency, is just getting started, but she has already worked with four athletes and is certified with the WBNA, FIBA, and WKBL.

Her passion is to play a strong role helping athletes throughout Northeast Indiana and beyond to realize their dreams and their potential. Chauntiel’s caring attitude comes forward in the free workshops and summer camps that CSA provides to young athletes – and through her volunteer activities at City Life Ministries and Youth For Christ. Chauntiel has adopted City Life’s tagline “Live Here, Lead Here” as a mantra for her own life.

As CSA continues to add certifications enabling her to represent athletes with the leagues like the NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball, we look forward to seeing CSA-represented athletes playing at Parkview Field, the Coliseum, and on our TVs!