Jon Rehwaldt

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Jon Rehwaldt – Fort Wayne Makers

Jon Rehwaldt noticed that Fort Wayne needed a community for creators and innovators to bring their ideas to life. He wants to build a community space that would house equipment and personnel so qualified individuals can reach prototype and testing, taking their products from ideation to reality. He can use a micro-grant from Fortitude Fund to identify partners for this venture, evaluate a pilot program, and identify next steps to guide and grow the program.

Daniel Hart

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Daniel Hart – 3D Printing Prototype

3D printers have been around for a few years, but Daniel Hart discovered that the ones available lack innovation when it comes to the consumer market. He would like to create a line of printers that are easy to use, high-quality, and low cost, making them usable for just about anyone. With a micro-grant from Fortitude, Daniel can invest in new parts for his products.

Abraham Parra

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Abraham Parra – The Build Guild

The Build Guild was formed to provide a working space for creatives, DIYers, and builders of all kinds to bring their ideas to life. Abraham Parra helped create this community so anyone could create in a space well-stocked with tools, machinery, and equipment. With a micro-grant through Fortitude, The Build Guild can invest in social media marketing that will grow their community.

Melissa Hall

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With 21 years of experience as an interior designer, Melissa Hall knows all about the complex process of procuring large samples from flooring companies to present to her clients. After starting her own design firm over four years ago, she decided she wanted to take the initiative and create a simple, time-saving app for interior designers so they can obtain flooring samples without all the hassle. Using a grant from Fortitude, she will be able to fund trips to Chicago and Georgia where she can pitch her ideas to some of the largest carpeting manufacturers in the world.