Logan Herald

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Logan Herald, along with two other Indiana Tech alumni, created technology that will, in the event of a fall, help acute care patients receive the help they need faster. Logan recognized that current technology does not help in the aid of patients quick enough, so he and his team created Ratio Medical to solve the problem. The micro-grant from Fortitude will allow Logan to fund a provisional patent for his product.

Lauren Caggiano

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Lauren started her business New Heights Fitness to help people become healthier versions of themselves by creating a positive relationship with exercise. She wants to create an environment that motivates her clients to exercise in a way that works for them, no matter where they are on a fitness level. With a micro-grant, Lauren can meet in a semi-private space with clients, making fitness attainable and accessible for everyone.

Marna Pacheo

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Inspired by their personal experience and their children, Marna and Susan created innovative weighted products to help anyone and everyone ages two and up cope with an array of issues, from medical to psychological. Their trademarked weighted wearables are designed to help anyone with any type of lifestyle. With the micro-grant, Marna and Susan can market their products more effectively, increasing their sales and exposure.

Melanie Watson

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Dr. Melanie Watson is the inventor of a handheld biotech hematology device that performs blood cell analyses in real- time when linked to a smartphone. What drives this Trine University professor of biomedical engineering is the potential to significantly decrease hospital-acquired illnesses and increase the ease of blood testing for the chronically ill. With the Fortitude Fund grant, Blaire Biomedical is seeking a provisional patent.

Jordan Miller

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Jordan Miller, 19, watched his school nurse struggle to put on medical gloves. That’s how Donn-A-Glove was born. Jordan’s device autonomously mounts a pair of gloves and inflates them for the user to insert hands in a quicker and more sanitary way. This 3rd-place winner of Launch LaGrange is excited to join the Fortitude community as he continues to perfect and commercialize his invention.

Victor Lopez

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Victor Lopez believes it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from as long as you do the right thing. That’s how he is operating Global Medical Industries, a minority-owned, full- service manufacturer of cost-effective and complex medical, aerospace, automotive and defense industry devices. He is using the Fortitude Fund as a down payment on a vision system.

Ashli and Pamela

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Ashli Pershing and Pamela Sprowl are registered nurses working with Parkview Health. They work at Parkview’s Wabash and Huntington hospitals respectively. Both had independently recognized a problem faced by mothers who have just given birth, and each was working on a different aspect of the solution.

When they each presented their ideas to Parkview’s annual innovation competition, the judges noticed their projects’ similarities and asked them to collaborate. They did, and after combining their separate inventions into one, they won the competition, placing first among hundreds on entrants!

Their invention is being refined by a team at Parkview Health and prepared to be licensed to a major medical products company. Their invention can help new mothers across the entire globe have a significantly better birthing experience. As inventors, Ashli and Pamela will share in the proceeds while continuing to serve our region as RNs.


Kyle Craig

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Kyle Craig comes to the Fortitude Fund community as a 25 year old inventor and founder. He is creating a wearable biokinetic device that is paired with a SAAS product to enable therapists, athletic trainers, and research scientists to more accurately track and analyze body motion. Kyle sees that decisions made based on accurate, real time motion data can improve patient rehabilitation, athlete performance, and research accuracy. As he puts it, “My ultimate goal is to create a wearable sensor network that gathers data for computations yielding information not previously known about biomechanics.”

An Eagle Scout and Mechanical Engineering graduate of Trine University, Kyle is a go-getter. He has created a first generation prototype that proved the key technical concept needed for his invention to be successful. And, he has arranged pilot customers with therapists, researchers, and athletic programs – including the recent NCAA football champs, the University of Alabama. Kyle has surrounded himself with a strong team as his company, Apollo Dynamics, gears up to complete product development and launch their first product.