Business Services

Stephanie Martin

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Stephanie (35) has established a re-employment agency for people who struggle to find a job because of their criminal background or disability. Her agency offers training for individuals to equip them for any workplace, helps them create a working resume, and assists them in finding the right kind of work that fits their skills and personality. With a micro-grant, Stephanie can invest in office equipment and software and fund her rental space.

Megan Seard

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Megan (30) has created an online natural skin care boutique called Rajean Beauty, specializing in scented shea butters, body oils, and natural sugar and salt scrubs that cater to women of color. Although the products are for pampering, the mission behind the company is to promote the freedom, wellness, and empowerment of women of color by partnering with businesses and organizations with the same focus. With a micro-grant, Megan can invest in web design, licensing, and materials for production.

Aaron Robles

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Aaron Robles is developing HyperNova, a digital marketing and branding agency, and he IS a bright star in our entrepreneurial community. Aaron is doing what Techstars research identified as foundational to a vibrant entrepreneurial culture: he has formed Future Founders, a meet-up to build a solid community of entrepreneurs. The Fortitude grant helps Aaron find customers for his business, which is a reboot of his first business venture.

Chauntiel Smith

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Chauntiel joins the Fortitude Fund community as a 25 year old graduate of South Side High School and Indiana Tech – and with the vision to be Fort Wayne’s “next Eugene Parker”. Her business, Capture Sports Agency, is just getting started, but she has already worked with four athletes and is certified with the WBNA, FIBA, and WKBL.

Her passion is to play a strong role helping athletes throughout Northeast Indiana and beyond to realize their dreams and their potential. Chauntiel’s caring attitude comes forward in the free workshops and summer camps that CSA provides to young athletes – and through her volunteer activities at City Life Ministries and Youth For Christ. Chauntiel has adopted City Life’s tagline “Live Here, Lead Here” as a mantra for her own life.

As CSA continues to add certifications enabling her to represent athletes with the leagues like the NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball, we look forward to seeing CSA-represented athletes playing at Parkview Field, the Coliseum, and on our TVs!